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What We Believe

    We believe there is one true and living God who has revealed Himself to us as God the Father, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit. All being equal, with distinct personal attributes, yet without division, called a “Trinity”. (Genesis 1:1,26; 1 John 1:1-4).

    We believe that God created man for a specific purpose to fulfill in His creation. In the beginning, man was at peace with God and lived-in harmony with all creation. Through free will of man in disobedience to God’s command, sin entered the world and humankind was justly condemned. Humanity’s disobedience broke the bond between our Holy God and His creation. (Genesis 2:16-17, 3:23, 1 Corithians 15:22a).

    We believe the Holy Bible, the authority of Scripture, was given to men whom God divinely inspired to record His instructions for His creation. Through the Scripture, we encounter and come to know our Creator. The Scriptures are for our instruction, correction, rebuke, reproof, and reveal the principle by which the world will be judged. The Scripture also reveals God’s unconditional love for creation and how He reconciles humankind back to Himself through faith in Jesus the Christ. Scriptures are timeless truths because God is the Author and Finisher of our faith. (John 1:13, 2 Timothy 3:16, Hebrews 12:2).



    * 1 PETER 4:16-19 * ACTS 11:26 * JOHN 13: 34-35 * MATTHEW 22: 37-40


    * HEBREWS 11:6 * JAMES 2:19 * ROMANS 3:23


    * JOHN 14:15 * JOHN 15:12 * JOHN 9:4 * MATTHEW 22:37-40


    * ACTS 2:2-47 *1 CORINTHIANS 15:58 * COLOSSIANS 4:2-6


    * JOHN 13:34-35 * LEVITICUS 19:18 * MATTHEW 5:44


    + Tuesdays and Thursdays 6 AM

    + Saturdays 7 AM

    On Zoom: 1.346.248.7799

    Zoom ID: 86959117770#

    Password: 460278#

    + Sundays 10:45 AM 

    Prayer Before Worship In the Sanctuary

Our Pastor, Teacher

Dr. Denkins serves as the Senior Pastor of the Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Houston, Texas and has been serving this church and community for the past eleven years.

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Rev. Dr. Jacques D. Denkins 

Rev. Dr. Jacques D. Denkins is a Houston native. He graduated from the historic Jack Yates Senior High. He completed his undergraduate studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his Advanced Master of Divinity with concentrations in Biblical Languages and Pastoral Leadership from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Denkins completed his doctoral studies at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, graduating in May of 2021.


Dr. Denkins is versatile in many areas of the ministry at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. He has served as Minister of Youth and led the Young Ambassadors for Christ (YAC), a young adult’s group at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. He has a special love for the elderly, and currently serves as the Minister to Senior Adults. In this senior’s ministry, he pays special attention to the needs and concerns of the elderly.  The Seasoned Saints as they are affectionately called, exercise three days a week, have Seasoned Table Talk, Nutrition classes, Bible Study, Celebrations and of course Line Dancing all month long. The seniors of Wheeler Avenue have participated in volunteering to feed the Homeless of Houston through their partnership with SEARCH. 


Dr. Denkins has organized conferences for seniors in the community, assisted with the Meals on Wheels program and facilitates day trips for the seniors in and around the state of Texas. He has worked with the Chaplin at University Place Retirement Home, were they served the elderly by leading a weekly worship service for the residents. This worship service transcended all religious barriers and focused on praising the God that sustains us. Rev. Denkins has also served as Moderator for AREA V of American Baptist Churches of the South. Currently, Dr. Denkins is an adjunct professor with Southern Reformed College and Seminary.


Dr. Denkins serves as the Senior Pastor of the Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Houston, Texas and has been serving this church and community for the past eleven years. Dr. Denkins also serves as the Minister to Senior at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Cosby.


Dr. Denkins is married to Kimberley A. Denkins. Together they are the proud parents of God’s gifts to them, Shelby A. Denkins and Joshua D. Denkins.


God has blessed Dr. Denkins with several gifts and talents; none of them is as meaningful and fulfilling than preaching and teaching the Word of God. God has opened many doors for him to carry the Gospel message to churches all over the country. He has spoken at numerous conferences, retreats, revivals, and special events. His ministry is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Love of God to all humanity by seeking to transform lives through encouraging, empowering and energizing all humanity through the uncompromising Word of God!

    We Believe In Prayer

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